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A TEA-RRIFIC $2 VBS Teacher Appreciation Gift #groan

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About May, I start seeing a lot of hits on THIS post of Three VBS teacher appreciation gifts that are less than $2 each from 2 years ago. Clearly people are searching for inexpensive ways to say thank you to VBS teachers. I hear you! Thought I’d add to the list by showing you what we did this year..

This year’s thank you was plastic tumblers with iced tea bags that have a note that says “thanks for being ‘TEA-RRIFIC'” (Picture all of the kids slapping their knees and saying “ha ha ha” when presented with such pun-erific awesomeness.) Thank you Pinterest, home of all things pun and appreciation. As I said in the other post, my preference for appreciation gifts is that they be consumable (something to eat or drink or plant) rather than another item to put on a shelf or in a jar. I made an exception for these, though, because 1. They were adorable and 2. I think these types of reusable tumblers with straws make a nice way to bring lemonade or iced coffee or water from home and thus reduce extra trash from water bottles or coffee shops. 3. (Truth alert) I was in a rush. These are super easy.

1. Get some plastic tumblers with lids and straws. I found mine at Dollar Tree for $1 each. (Here are some from the Dollar Tree website). If you have to buy them from Amazon, it might push your overall cost over the $2 per item promised in the headline. The cheapest I could find them on Amazon were these which are $35 for 12 cups. (Might be worth it though, because the quality might be better…)

2. Put in some tea bags that are specifically formulated for iced tea.

3. Tie on a tag with ribbon or string. You can google around for one that looks super fancy, or write your own, or use this one I made, just for you! 


Yay! All done! Thanks VBS teachers!


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Labor Day Present for you! Downloadable Planning Calendars with Sundays only 2014-2015 or 2015 Alone

So, people in ministry of all kinds constantly need calendars with just Sundays on them, for worship planning, sign ups and all kinds of other things. I tried googling a “Sunday only” calendar and didn’t have much luck and so I made my own. I’m offering them here in the JPG and also PDF versions. Feel free to download and use however it’s helpful to you. For now they’re not editable (I’ll work on that for next year) but I hope they’re helpful to some of my clergy friends!

2014-2015 Sunday planning This one the “school year” calendar is the one I use for worship planning. I just feel like the year “begins” with the start of school. I think this would be really helpful for those who need to write out who’s liturgist, who’s Sunday school teacher, etc. Come to think of it, it would be useful for any sort of task that has to happen on a weekly basis.

Get the PDF here. 

2015 Sunday Planning Calendar

For those who need a calendar that begins at the beginning of the year, here’s one for 2015. It’s a little early, but I bet a lot of people will get going on these in the next month or two, so here it is!

Get the PDF here. 

The PDFs are designed to be printed on legal size paper.

Please leave a comment and let me know how they work for you. If you’d like other features for next year, let me know and I’ll work on it! Happy Planning, friends!