It’s so exciting and wonderful to be receiving so many requests for workshops and presentations about Seamless Faith! I love to talk about the principles in the book and help parents and church educators apply the practices in their homes/ministries. Here are some general guidelines about speaking:

  • Can you come preach/speak on Sunday or do a workshop after church or on Sunday night? If your event requires me to be away over a Sunday, it’s almost certain I will not be able to accept it. As a solo pastor, the number of Sundays I’m away are limited to vacation and one or two other select Sundays per year. Please ask anyway, even if it’s on a Sunday, (you never know!) but if you’ve put in an email about this and I haven’t gotten back it’s likely that this is the reason.


  • Can you come to my event in the lovely state of MY STATE? Maybe. I have little ones and am a solo pastor so i’m kind of picky and selective about travelling, but I love to do it. Please ask and let me know what the details are, and I’ll get back to you. I live and work in San Antonio, Texas, so if your event/church/gathering is within a couple of hours of San Antonio, we can work something out, I’m sure, maybe even on a Sunday. 😉


  • Can you do a presentation for my stroller group/ mom’s group/ kids group/ chocolate eating group? Yep. If we can work out the time, and details I can do a presentation for just about any audience. I can do presentations for faith educatiors/parents or both. I can also do workshops for parents and kids together. We can work out something just for your group.


  • How do you feel about a Skype and Googlechat presentations? I think they’re super cool, and I love doing them. I will do one on the cheap for your church/book group/whatever. Just get in touch.


  • But I emailed you and you didn’t email me back! Yes… you are right. ARGH! The inbox!! I have no excuses and I promise I’m not being all “I’m so fancy I can’t get back to you.” Your email just got lost. Send it again maybe with a “um, I emailed you before and didn’t hear so trying again” and I’ll try and save your email before it drops into ‘unanswered oblivion!’


  • Will you guest post on my blog? Yes! Send me a little info about your readership and what you want me to post about and we’ll work something out that is agreeable to both of us!


  • How can I get in touch? Email info [at] traci-smith [dot] com

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